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Dr. Leonard Pogue

Dr. Bill Pogue, owner & lead tattoo instructor at W.O.T.S.

Dr. Leonard William Pogue
The owner of the World’s Only Tattoo School and lead tattoo instructor is Dr. Bill Pogue. He is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and certified naturopathic physician. He received his Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Life University. He was trained in operating room aseptic technique (sterilization) at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.
Beginning 1968 to present he has owned and operated tattoo studios in Michigan, Georgia, and Louisiana. In addition, he has operated The World’s Only Tattoo School from its infancy, late in 1968 to this present day. He has trained more tattoo artists than ANYONE in history and there is only a remote second place – Harvey Kennedy – who is also on his staff. The World’s Only Tattoo School is the first tattoo school in existence to be licensed as a trade school by the state government.
Dr. Pogue is an expert in neuro-linguistic programming – a power-learning system. From 1967 to present he has trained thousands of karate experts, including some who have become world champions in less than two years. Dr. Pogue and co-instructor, Harvey Kennedy, have both won USKA World Karate Titles in their 50’s – a feat not equaled by many.
Dr. Pogue has adapted his martial arts training techniques for use in his tattoo training course. He uses neuro-linguistics to achieve high results in power-training artistic individuals to become competent tattoo artists in a very short, intensive program. Over 40 years of unparalleled experience speaks for itself.
In 2012 Dr. Pogue was the star of his own 8 episode documentary-reality TV series “Tattoo School” and can be seen on the TLC channel. He will also be featured on an upcoming episode of “American Pickers” on the History Channel.

Mr. Harvey Kennedy

Body Piercing Instructor

Mr. Kennedy is our Body Piercing instructor and assistant tattoo instructor. He and Dr. Pogue were college roommates and they have been friends and business partners ever since. They share a passion for both tattooing and martial arts.

Mrs. Jessica O'Leary

Enrollment Director

Mrs. Jessica Pogue O’Leary (photo: Dr. Pogue with his daughter Jessica & Mr. Kennedy's daughter Kalli 1984?)
Jessica is Dr. Pogue’s daughter and she has been our Director of Enrollment since 2007. She is available to assist with any questions regarding becoming a student at the World’s Only Tattoo School.
Contact Info:
Phone: (318) 918-8904


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